Allo peeplez!

I’m Haze. Imma novice digital artist and youtuber. I decided to make a blog ‘coz why not XD

Here’s an example of my work:


One of my YT vids ‘coz why not XD:

I’ll post stuff other than YT updates and art like anime/manga reviews and fangirl rants XD

dA link

YT link

I may post weird stuff like BL(Boy’s Love) so, BEWARE!!!!1!!! XD


NEW ART! and a new Intuos Graphics tablet lol

Last week I got a new Intuos Manga Graphics tablet+software bundle. Don’t know how to use Anime Studio but I’m in love with Clip Studio Paint Pro. I’m sure if I can afford the discount for the unlimited ver. lol

I did some art tho:

yanderehaze lol

It’s obvious which is serious, which is not XD

BTW, I’ve named my Intuos tablet Ichito XD